Our Story

CIEUX, a French translation for heavenly, was the inspiration for our brand, both in name and in quality. Our vision is to create signature collections of high-end patio furniture that are chic and contemporary, using premium weather treated wickers and fabric for lasting comfort and durability.  
Renaissance artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  In art and design, what can be done simply is perfectly beautiful, elegant, and harmonious. All of our Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Living collections are versatile in function, and can be custom configured to compliment any space and personal style preferences.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Da Vinci



Our Values

beauty:  We define beauty as a quality that brings pleasure and satisfaction to the mind through sensory manifestations and the aesthetics of colour, shape and texture.

creativity:  We embrace individuality and the infinite bounds of the imagination for envisioning and creating paradise.  We fuse our passion for design with emotion and logic, and esteem innovation and diversity. 

authenticity:  We uphold a high standard for all of our products and services, and hold each other accountable for maintaining this standard.  We strive to build accountable, authentic and genuine relationships with our customers, partners, and within our team.

excellence:  We are committed to excellence, and take responsibility and initiative individually, and as a team, for providing the highest level of quality in every aspect of our company.


About Sergei Tashlikowich

Sergei is the Chief Executive Officer of CIEUX and founded the brand in 2015.  After obtaining a Bachelor of Business Degree from Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Sergei founded his first online furniture company, stocking and shipping products across Canada and the United States. In 2007, he opened a brick and mortar outlet where customers have an opportunity to see and feel the products they sell online. Now with over sixteen years experience in online furniture retail as CEO and President, Sergei is ready to expand his vision and build something new.

"My vision was to build a brand that embraced the qualities we value. Beauty, creativity, authenticity and excellence are the inspiration for all of our collections. Our designs integrate modern simplicity and functionality with luxurious comfort and quality, and we take great pride and ownership in our work." - Sergei Tashlikowich, CIEUX CEO